shutterstock_69400045With the addition of Wendela Elsen as Director of D&I consulting, Rudlin Consulting is now offering D&I consulting services for Japanese companies.

There are many D&I consulting providers in the market but Rudlin Consulting combines international D&I knowledge and expertise with a deep knowledge of Japanese culture and business practices.

We keep up to date with D&I developments in Japan and the goals that Prime Minister Abe has set with his Womenomics policies. From our own living and working experience in Japan we are aware of the cultural environment that your headquarters operates within.
At the same time we understand the Western business environment in Europe and recognise your position where you need to stay ahead or keep up with local competition and with government regulations.

As proven by many studies, D&I has a positive impact on business outcomes. Research repeatedly mention benefits realised through greater diversity such as:
– Greater innovation
– Improved decision making
– Better customer orientation
– Higher employee engagement
– Better talent acquisition and retention
– Enhanced company reputation and employer brand
Adding to their feeling of social responsibility towards equity and fairness, many reputable companies have embraced these business reasons for making D&I part of its business strategy.
In addition, in some European countries the decline in workforce, almost as dramatic as in Japan, is seen as an equally valid reason for companies to make D&I a high priority for the business.

Rudlin Consulting’s D&I consulting services

All our consulting services are tailor made and designed in close connection with you. We understand that every Japanese company in Europe is different due to size, legacy, autonomy, percentage of Japanese senior colleagues, percentage of Japanese junior colleagues etc. in addition to differences in industry.

  • Communication
    We can work with you on finding the right way to communicate with your headquarters regarding Diversity & Inclusion related topics – whether it is in relation to global communication, D&I strategy approval or other.
  • D&I strategy design
    We can help you design your D&I strategy to ensure your competitiveness in the European market. A robust D&I strategy is a powerful tool in attracting top talent, both male and female. In terms of client acquisition and satisfaction, the status of D&I in a company is more and more part of the decision of where clients want to take their business. A sound D&I strategy can set you ahead of the competition. Companies without a D&I strategy will find themselves lagging behind.
  • Marketing strategy
    We can assist you with incorporating D&I into your marketing strategy to ensure competitiveness in an ever more diverse environment in Europe. Whether we are talking about marketing communication or product design, a focus on D&I can have an important impact on your business development and client satisfaction.
  • D&I awareness for senior leadership
    Adjusted to the composition of your senior leadership team we can design a D&I awareness session to bring your leaders up to speed with why D&I in Europe is an important business strategy and how it is both similar and at the same time where it differs from D&I in Japan.
    Women are the biggest underrepresented group under the D&I banner. Many companies have acknowledged that there is a need for more diversity at the top and there is a clear effort and focus on having more women involved in senior leadership. We can help you with giving the women in your ‘pipeline’ extra support with defining and fulfilling their career aspirations. Depending on the set up of your organisation, an understanding of differences between European and Japanese culture can be an important part of these sessions.
  • Other D&I related topics we can assist you with are flexible work as a business strategy, D&I networks, sponsorship/mentoring programmes
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