The issue
A British professional services firm had long standing relationships with several major Japanese companies but felt that it needed to be more proactive in further improving the service that they provided, particularly as some of the lead partners were about to retire.

Who should we appoint as the new leads? Does it matter if they are younger or female?

Are the processes we have been using for years the correct ones? Is there anything we have missed?

We need detailed and honest feedback on these questions, but we suspect our Japanese clients are too polite to say anything to our faces.

Rudlin Consulting’s involvement, and the outcomes

  • Rudlin Consulting interviewed the clients in Japan, face to face in Japanese, and gained their honest opinions regarding the processes and any mistakes that had occurred in the past.
  • Rudlin Consulting also spoke to various Japanese professional services companies, and reassured the firm that their choice of successors as lead partners would be acceptable to the Japanese clients.


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