Cross-cultural training seminars on working effectively with Japanese clients, customers and partners are offered by Japan Intercultural Consulting Europe (exclusively represented by Rudlin Consulting).

Japan Intercultural Consulting Europe has been operating across Europe since 2004, conducting seminars in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland and the UK.

Our facilitators all speak fluent Japanese and have many years of practical business experience, working in or with Japanese companies.

Further details can be found here: Cross cultural training for European staff in Japanese companies.

“Well done, interesting, and fun. That is how a training should be.” (Managing Director, European electronics company)

“You got the highest praise from the most tricky participant!”  (Japanese insurance company)

“As always, the session was brilliant, thank you very much. The participants very much appreciated your knowledge of our corporate culture which is really invaluable for this kind of training” (Japanese trading company)

 “I found it incredibly informative and would recommend you to others.” (UK biotech company newly acquired by a Japanese company)

“Everyone is raving about yesterday and felt it was a brilliant insight!” “I wish I had attended the course before we acquired – excellent course” (UK insurance company recently acquired by a Japanese company)

“Great insight and new information, even after all these years of working with the Japanese” “Enjoyed the course – one of the best in a long time” (CEO and HR manager of UK subsidiary of Japanese electronics manufacturer)

“a really useful insight to the ‘Japanese way’. The trainer, Pernille Rudlin, was brilliant – both her style of teaching / articulating, and experience was of great value”  (Japanese IT company)

“Absolutely great workshop – would highly recommend to my peers” “A new, thorough understanding of the Japanese culture”  (Japanese financial services company)

“Sincere thanks for yesterday’s excellent seminar.  It was a very useful, rich, varied and entertaining brief.  I think you’ve hit on a very good style for bringing the topic alive.”  (Japanese IT company global VP)

“It was one of the most informative, engaging and extremely funny events I have been to in a while and I learnt so much.”  (Steel trading company)

“Great course, great tutor” (heavy equipment manufacturer)


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