We have been working with over 300 Japanese companies in Europe for more than 15 years.  Our reports reflect this expertise, and our databases are far more than just a list of company names and addresses.

Research on Japanese investment in the UK

We can provide databases and reports, as outlined below, which will help you be more targeted and cost effective in who you approach, either as a supplier, partner or wanting to attract inward investment.  They are checked regularly against latest Company House reports and compiled from sources which are Japanese language only.

The reports are free, prices for databases are available on application and start from 500 euros, depending on customisation requirements.


1. Brexit proofing – Japanese manufacturers in the UK – August 2018

This report looks at the Japanese companies who have production sites in the UK and what they have done so far to Brexit proof their business.  Download the pdf for free: Brexit proofing – Japanese manufacturers in the UK


  1. Japanese manufacturers in the UK: 214 companies/production sites
  2. Japanese manufacturers with production in the UK only (no other EU site): 76 companies
  3. Japanese automotive manufacturers with production in the UK: 74 companies/sites
  4. Japanese automotive manufacturers in the UK with no other production in Europe: 19 companies
  5. Japanese automotive suppliers in the UK (no production in the UK): 31 companies

All databases contain:

    1. Origin/owner/M&A history
    2. Location of European HQ
    3. Business and customers
    4. European structure and recent developments
    5. Postal address
    6. Website URL
    7. Turnover and what proportion is EU ex UK, UK.
    8. Employee totals for past two years
    9. Japanese expatriate staff numbers (where available)
    10. Membership of Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the UK
    11. Constituency and MP

For a quotation on price for any or a combination of the above databases, please contact pernilledotrudlinatrudlinconsultingdotcom

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