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Trends in Japan owned financial services companies in the UK

This post is also available in: JapaneseAround 14,000 people worked for 85 Japan owned financial services companies in the UK in 2021. This is around 1,000 more people than in 2016, the year of the Brexit referendum. Although all the main banking, securities and insurance groups (Mizuho, MUFG, MS&AD, Nomura and SMFG) opened or strengthened…

Working from home means you won’t get promoted – in Japan and elsewhere too?

This post is also available in: JapaneseEven before the pandemic, Japanese employees only took around half of their paid leave.  I remember 30 years’ ago the company union of my Japanese workplace campaigning every year to get its members to take more than the 10 or 11 days holiday a year they would take out…

The future of British hospitality industry

This post is also available in: JapaneseNow almost all restrictions on social distancing have been lifted in England, we can start to see what changes have happened in our cities, and take a guess to whether these changes are permanent. Some trends were already apparent before March 2020. For example, many of the large chain…

Top 20 Japanese Employers in Ukraine

This post is also available in: JapaneseWe’ve managed to track down 44 Japan owned companies in Ukraine, employing around 12,700 people. According to Teikoku Databank, there are 57 such companies and branches of Japanese organisations. By far the largest Japanese employer in Ukraine is Sumitomo Electric Industries, with nearly 7,000 employees, manufacturing wire harnesses for…

Top 30 Japanese employers in Russia

This post is also available in: JapaneseAround 35,000 employees in Russia work for 224 Japan owned companies and operations, according to our calculations.  This makes Russia the 11th largest host of Japanese companies in the European region by employee number – if Russia can be included in Europe.  Teikoku Databank has identified 347 Japanese companies…

Hitachi power shifts

This post is also available in: JapaneseThe management changes announced at Hitachi, in effect from April 1st 2022, reveal changes in the balance of power, not only in Japan headquarters, but Europe.  Alistair Dormer, a British executive, who had been CEO of Hitachi Rail, and then became the first non Japanese Executive Vice President of…

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