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Time for a logistics revolution in Europe

This post is also available in: Japanese(This article was published in Japanese in the Teikoku Databank News18 months’ ago, but it seems even more relevant now) Now I am back working in my home office, I have become much more conscious of the activities in the street in front of my office window. Once a…

Are Japanese companies leaving the UK because of Brexit yet?

This post is also available in: JapaneseI asked this question just over a year ago and the answer is still yes and no. To which I would add, it’s more a case that Japanese companies aren’t investing in or coming to the UK as much as they used to, replacing the ones that are leaving…

What Japanese customers want – new online coaching service

This post is also available in: JapaneseIf you’re looking to expand your business in Japan, I’m offering online group coaching based on my book “Omoiyari – 6 steps to getting it right with Japanese customers” Group numbers are limited to 5 so we can be interactive, and learn from each other. Over six 1 hour…

UK’s priority in Japan trade agreement is not increasing exports, it’s protecting Japan’s investments in UK

This post is also available in: JapaneseMy view on Brexit was that it was accelerating trends that were already there for Japanese business in Europe, and gave them cover to do things they were already wanting to do. The COVID-19 pandemic seems set to provide similar cover and if the UK is not careful, this…

Japanese business mysteries explained in 5 minutes #3 Antiquated technology

This post is also available in: JapaneseNon-Japanese people who work in Japanese companies are often shocked at how antiquated the IT is in Japanese companies, considering how much Japanese people love new technologies. Why is this, and will COVID-19 force change? The next in our series “Japanese Business Mysteries Explained in 5 Minutes” Last updated…

Japanese Business Mysteries Explained – Falling Asleep in Meetings

This post is also available in: JapaneseWe’ve revamped our Rudlin Consulting YouTube channel, and posted our latest Japanese Business Mysteries Explained in 5 minutes video screencast – this edition is on falling asleep in meetings. Why do Japanese people fall asleep in meetings? Is it you? Is it OK to do it in Japan? What…

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