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Japan’s less equal companies

This post is also available in: JapaneseI often cite in my seminars that one obvious sign of the ethos gap between Japanese listed companies and the top 350 US companies is that Japanese presidents generally earn a multiple of 10-20 of the average salary in their companies, whereas the multiple for American CEOs is 350…

Impact of Brexit on Japanese companies in the UK, 6 months on

This post is also available in: Japanese(This article was first published in Japanese in the Teikoku Databank News in July 2021) It has been six months since the UK left the EU and the transition period ended.  According to my research and also a recent survey compiled by METI and MUFJ Research, the impact on…

What needs to change for Japanese companies to adopt hybrid working

This post is also available in: JapaneseThe UK government allowed companies to encourage their staff to return to work from mid-July 2021. There are conflicting views in government, however, about whether flexible working should be the default from now on. Some worry that a permanent reduction in commuting will hit those businesses which rely on…

Top 30 Japanese Employers in the Netherlands 2021

This post is also available in: JapaneseThere’s no doubt the Netherlands has done well from Brexit in terms of Japanese investment into Europe. Its strong services sector has made it a useful alternative regional coordination hub to London and there is a longstanding thriving Japanese community in the Amsterdam area. Both the numbers of Japanese…

What the vaccination levels tell us about attitudes to risk and innovation in Europe

This post is also available in: Japanese(This article was published in Japanese for the Teikoku Databank News in May 2021) The coronavirus vaccine rollout in Europe is providing many insights into how countries in the region deal with risk. The UK has now vaccinated over half its population, at least with a first dose. This…

Trends in Japanese companies and Japanese nationals in Europe in 2020 – did the pandemic have any impact?

This post is also available in: JapaneseThe number of Japanese nationals resident in Western Europe had grown steadily over the past seven years to reach over 220,000 by 2019. But by October 2020, according to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  that number had dropped 5% to around 212,000. Of course the pandemic may have been…

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