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Connecting to Japanese businesses

Consulting & Research

If you would like to book an hour of consultation with Pernille Rudlin please click here.

We can draw on our database of thousands of Japanese companies across Europe to shortlist target Japanese companies depending on your requirements—filtered by size, sector, location, recent M&A and business activity—and provide recommendations on how best to approach them.

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Japan Intercultural Consulting


If you’re Japanese or have lived in Japan, you’ll already have a good understanding of the high standards of Japanese customer service, the attention to detail, process and craftsmanship (monozukuri). But you might be struggling to help your colleagues or suppliers to reach the same level of understanding. Japan Intercultural Consulting—represented in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region by Rudlin Consulting—can provide in-house workshops which cover topics such as “Top Ten Things Japanese Customers Want”—suitable for various sectors from professional services to automotive to retail.

Customer surveys

One of the most effective projects we have ever done was to interview the clients of a UK professional services firm (in Japanese) on satisfaction and room for improvement. If you have an office in Japan or Japanese customers you would like us to talk to, we regularly visit Japan and would be delighted to add this to our next trip.
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Connecting to European partners

Japan Intercultural Consulting


Rudlin Consulting represents Japan Intercultural Consulting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, running a team of 15 experienced cross-cultural consultants in 10 different countries who provide cross-cultural awareness and communication workshops, teambuilding and coaching.

HR Services

We have provided HR services to dozens of Japanese companies in the UK, such as employee handbook development, grievance resolution and workshops on diversity and inclusion. We partner with a variety of European companies who can provide additional legal, relocation and employment advice.
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Mitsubishi Chemical and Lucite International


We partner with a variety of European marketing and branding consultancies to help Japanese companies define their brand more clearly in Europe.

Building trust


We have facilitated meetings of executive and virtual teams in a variety of industries from pharmaceuticals/biotech to IT so they can have "honest" conversations and understand how to overcome communication gaps
"Following the meeting you facilitated with our Japanese colleagues our working relationship improved immensely and we formed a very efficient cross UK-Japan team."

Programme Director, UK biotech company

Cultural sensitivity check

We can check your branding, customer processes and marketing for cultural sensitivity by interviewing Japanese customers or colleagues in their own language, to reveal their honest opinions.

Corporate governance

We have worked with the Prudential Regulatory Authority in the UK and partner with a variety of Japan- and UK-based corporate governance consultancies to help Japanese companies improve their board performance.
The Board Director Training Institute Of Japan

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